Blind Spots of Used Car Inspections: What You Need to Know?


Who likes driving a car? Even if it is a rhetorical question, the response is always yes. Several benefits come with owning a car. Your issue with the primary form of transportation is immediately resolved. Typically, used cars cost less than new ones. So, most of the time, individuals are tempted to purchase a used vehicle.

Nonetheless, purchasing an automobile also requires many things to consider. A pre-purchase inspection is a requirement if you're looking to buy a car, especially a used one. You may wonder how to inspect a used car. For that, you have us, a professional company, to conduct such an inspection thoroughly. Yet, there are a few places in a car where even the most seasoned and talented auto mechanic seems to have a blind spot. Today, instead of discussing how to inspect a used car, we will discuss in detail these blind spots of pre-owned car inspections; check them out. 

Read on to learn about the inspection blind spots for used cars:

Ownership records:

For a pre purchase inspection team to check the entire purchase history of the vehicle in question is impossible. A used car inspection Sydney is done within a limited time, so checking such vast records is out of the question. After the mechanic inspection used car ends, you, as a potential buyer, can ask the seller to reveal all the documents. This ownership record checking part entirely depends between the seller and buyer. 


A car cannot be raised for inspection while it is in mobile mode. When you have a mobile used car inspection Sydney, raising a vehicle when necessary is impossible. This is a significant restriction for a mobile-mode car inspection. Car mechanics utilize mirrors or cameras to get around this while performing a pre purchase car inspection Sydney. There are better substitutes for lifting a car to inspect it. Moreover, raising the vehicle does not come under the used car inspection checklist on a mobile mode for obvious reasons. 

Engine compression:

Due to liability issues and the extent of physical work required, inspectors cannot check engine compression in the field while inspecting a used car. This is another drawback when you opt for a pre purchase inspection on a mobile mode. For example, a mechanic inspection of a used car could be better, and knowing that an engine's compression cannot be checked fully is just a part of this imperfect process. 

Transmission numbers and engine numbers:

During a used car pre purchase inspection, if the engine number and transmission number are visible, they can only check it. In old used vehicles, you will find most of the time such numbers are hidden. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the inspectors to check it during car inspection for buying used cars. This has to be done by the buyer after communicating with the seller. Only they can communicate further to get those numbers checked, a mechanic cannot help here. 

Checking the timing belt:

This is again an impossible thing to check for a professional pre purchase inspector. To know the actual condition of the timing belt, one needs to remove several engine components. So, most of the time, this part is left unchecked. This is another big blind spot for a used car inspection. In that case, if the buyer is serious to proceed further, have to communicate with the seller. 

Fender bolts:

To check the fender bolt condition, an inspector needs to open the hood. This is another time-consuming and complicated used car inspection blind spot. The painting condition and the bolt alignment's irregularities are live proofs that the fender bolter has been altered. Though it takes time to check it, a responsible car inspector should examine this condition during a pre purchase inspection.

This gives you a good notion of the blind spots that a pre-purchase inspection does have. Some of these problems can't be fixed, but others can if the inspector is prepared to put in extra time and effort when performing the inspection. Remember that these reviews are not fool proof while pondering how to inspect a used car. Hence, if you're looking to buy a used car, it's best to work with a reputable company like ours and accept these blind spots. So please contact us if you have any questions about our pre-purchase inspection services.

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