How to Avoid Buying A Stolen Car in Australia?

Read the following section to learn some useful guidance on how to avoid buying a stolen car:

1. Seek Expert Assistance-
Another popular and practical strategy for how to avoid buying a stolen car is to think about obtaining a pre purchase vehicle inspection service. A typical buyer might not notice concealed flaws or inconsistencies which a professional pre purchase car inspection inspector does. To study more perfectly, please peruse thoroughly our prior posted article about pre purchase car inspection Sydney whenever it suits you. A reliable company such as ours, Car Pre Purchase is the best option for a pre purchase vehicle inspection. Go over our previous blog post on what to check when buying a used car? to ensure certainty.

2. PPSR-
Information about security interests in personal property can be filed and checked on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), a nationwide online register. To find out if there is a security interest against an item of private property, one way to do a "PPSR check" is to check this registry. This is frequently used in Australia when purchasing a second-hand car or other expensive products to make certain the purchase is clear of debt and cannot be seized. The results of the PPSR check can reveal whether the vehicle has a balance to pay, has been written off, or has been reported stolen. If you are wondering, how do you check if a car is stolen in Australia? this is the most legitimate way to find it out.

3. View the chassis number or VIN-
Make sure that the number on the registration documents corresponds with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number. If they don't line up, there may have been theft or tampering. When thinking of how to avoid buying a stolen car, checking the VIN is very much needed.

4. The worth of the vehicle-
​​​​​​​If the cost of a high-end car is unusually low, there may be a questionable situation going on. To make certain the price is in line with market trends, find out the car model's current worth. This is one of the biggest red flags of a stolen car. During the procedure, if something seems strange or questionable, it's best to leave and look for another approach.

5. Requesting Records for the vehicle-
To be 100% certain of how to avoid buying a stolen car, get the descriptive upkeep information, vehicle's possession, and registration. Be certain that they are authentic and confirm the seller's information.

6. Examining the car body-
​​​​​​​The vehicle you are thinking of buying must be thoroughly examined. You sure should search for any signs of meddling with the VIN plate, unusual destruction, or misplaced parts while looking to rule out thievery or illegal behaviour.

A few common questions on how to avoid buying a stolen car:

Why the need to have a PPSR?

A car may be seized even after you purchase it if there is a security interest lodged against it, especially if it has been stolen. This happens when it involves buying a used car in Australia more often than one thinks. After the finance company listed on the PPSR takes your vehicle back, you need to track down the individual who sold you the vehicle for money-back purposes.

When is the time to perform a search on a stolen vehicle?

To be confident the car is not stolen, debt-free, safe from takeover, or reported as a write-off, you should check the PPSR the day before or the day of the purchase.

What happens if you buy a purloined car unknowingly?

You must know that the most common question we get is what happens if you buy a stolen car unknowingly in Australia?  If you unintentionally buy a stolen vehicle, it will be disclosed during registration. You will likely have to deal with the police to give them information about the car and the transaction. If a claim has already been settled by the insurance company, the vehicle will probably be given back to the prior purchaser or their insurance company. You find yourself without a car and need to find the seller to receive your money back. Examine our previous blog post on 10 tips before buying a used vehicle before making the purchase.

What should you do if your PPSR used car search reveals that the vehicle is stolen?

Avoid going up against the seller personally if possible. That is a police-related matter. Let the criminal who is trying to sell you a previously-owned stolen automobile that you are reconsidering buying it for private grounds.

Being in a circumstance where you have a stolen car is dangerous and will always leave you in a precarious position. This blog on how to avoid buying a stolen car will be beneficial for everyone who reads it and you will know all there is to know about this matter.

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